what & why

Design: I'm passionate about creating cozy items that are sustainable, simple, useful, durable, and beautiful, made the old-fashioned way. I work with fabrics designed by legendary scientist, cotton breeder, and organic, biodynamic farmer, Sally Fox

The browns and greens are the actual colors of the fiber from this rare, heirloom variety of organic cotton. Not only are the plants more drought tolerant and pest resistant, naturally-colored cotton eliminates the need for commercial dyes and has a lower carbon footprint.

Cat pillows: inspired by vintage sock cats and designed to delight the senses—stylish, soft, supportive, and sweet-smelling. Hand wash the cover in cold water + line dry. 

Stripy scarves: one-of-a-kind, zero waste designs, crafted from fabric scraps and seconds. Hand wash in cold water + line dry. 

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color-grown = dye-free